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Saturday, March 31, 2012

52 Week Challenge Week 13: Ruffian

Ruffian! Scary! I can't freehand very well so I used hole reinforcements to make the circle at the cuticle of my nail. However I had a little mishap with my pointer finger, it wasn't quite dry when I put the reinforcement on so a huge chunk of polish peeled up. I did my best to smoosh it back down.
I chose to use yet another NOPI kardashian polish, Nothing Kim-pares to Blue. What a beautiful color! I love the shimmer in this, on the brush you can see some pink but I can't see it on the nail (granted I haven't been outside with it on yet.) For the reverse moon (is that what it is called?) I used a surprise I got yesterday from the UK! I got a back up of Max Factor Fantasy Fire and she also included Max Factor Ofyssey Blue. Another gorgeous blue with a purple shimmer. Not sure if I'd call it a duochrome or not but it's purdy!