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Friday, January 27, 2012

52 week challenge week 3-colorblock nails

Well, I'm not sure what exactly colorblock nails are and googling didn't clarify the difference between colorblock and patchwork so I may have failed. For this mani I used all Julep polishes, Jaime, Cameron, and Helena. They are nicely pigmented but I will not buy Julep again. First of all, they're expensive and the bottles are tiny and odd shaped. Secondly they stole and cropped bloggers photos and didn't give them credit until a bunch of people raised a stink. They also blocked me from their Facebook page for being one who raised a stink. Basically they run their business like a high school girl with PMS. Upset them and instead of attempting to fix it they get mad and block you. There are many other blog posts about this, I will stop my rant here.

Personal projects

This year I've decided to do somethings for me, to challenge myself. A personal project. I read this earlier and I realized I've already sort of done this in several ways. I'm trying to do a 52 week nail art challenge. I'm a couple weeks behind but plan on catching up with my next two manis.

Some of you may or may not know I have a crochet blog and last year I joined the 2011 Block-A-Month club on ravelry and made an afghan for my future mother-in-law (pictures to come, for some reason I didn't take pictures of the completed afghan) and I fully plan on doing it again this year. Here's the link for this year if you want to join me. I haven't decided what color scheme to use yet though!

Another crochet project I want to do is a monthly amigurumi. I finally got rid of my Women of Hawaii calendar and replaced it with a more family-centric amigurumi calendar. Each month there's a different pattern. I LOVE amigurumi and don't do it enough since I find myself working on afghans a lot. I found another group on ravelry (I effing love that site, can you tell?) that I've joined. Tonight is amigurumi night at work! I'm so excited to start!

What about you? Do you have any personal projects for the year?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phone dump!

Please enjoy a ton of pictures from my phone. I've decided that since I'm a small fish in the nail blogger pond and my camera doesn't take pictures any better than my phone does I'm just going to post phone pictures until I get a fancy schmacy camera and light box.

52 week challenge week 2, French mani

Week 2 challenge is French mani. Now I'm not normally a big fan of French tips but I saw this on Copy That, Copycat and decided that this was French I could do. Well, it turns out I'm not so good at French manicures and really I just sort of half-a$$ed it after I realized that. I started off with Julep's base coat followed by a coat of Nail Envy. I then covered the yellow of my nails with Zoya Bela. For the tips I started off with Zoya Charla then dabbed Sally Hansen The Real Teal followed by Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be A Millionaire. It was pretty but not very mermaidy. It was also at this point I realized this is NOT nail art I'm good at so I said meh and finished. I used my Bundle Monster plate with Orly Silver polish for the scales. Topped it all off with ProFX Quick Dry Top Coat (which deserves its own post) and there we have it. Quite possibly the sloppiest french anyone has ever seen!
Til next week!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Schedule for 52 week manicure challenge

These are screen grabs from one of my Facebook groups of the scheduled posts for the 52 week manicure challenge I'm doing. I know for sure you'll see a different mani on 9/9 but otherwise I'm going to try to stick with this. (sorry for some of the weeks double posting, I'm blogging this from my phone.)