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Friday, January 27, 2012

52 week challenge week 3-colorblock nails

Well, I'm not sure what exactly colorblock nails are and googling didn't clarify the difference between colorblock and patchwork so I may have failed. For this mani I used all Julep polishes, Jaime, Cameron, and Helena. They are nicely pigmented but I will not buy Julep again. First of all, they're expensive and the bottles are tiny and odd shaped. Secondly they stole and cropped bloggers photos and didn't give them credit until a bunch of people raised a stink. They also blocked me from their Facebook page for being one who raised a stink. Basically they run their business like a high school girl with PMS. Upset them and instead of attempting to fix it they get mad and block you. There are many other blog posts about this, I will stop my rant here.


  1. I'd say you succeeded at color blocking! And good to know about lousy company practices. That's seriously unprofessional and pretty much sleazy. Way to raise a stink!

  2. This is a great color block, I LOVE that you didn't do each nail the same!