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Friday, January 27, 2012

Personal projects

This year I've decided to do somethings for me, to challenge myself. A personal project. I read this earlier and I realized I've already sort of done this in several ways. I'm trying to do a 52 week nail art challenge. I'm a couple weeks behind but plan on catching up with my next two manis.

Some of you may or may not know I have a crochet blog and last year I joined the 2011 Block-A-Month club on ravelry and made an afghan for my future mother-in-law (pictures to come, for some reason I didn't take pictures of the completed afghan) and I fully plan on doing it again this year. Here's the link for this year if you want to join me. I haven't decided what color scheme to use yet though!

Another crochet project I want to do is a monthly amigurumi. I finally got rid of my Women of Hawaii calendar and replaced it with a more family-centric amigurumi calendar. Each month there's a different pattern. I LOVE amigurumi and don't do it enough since I find myself working on afghans a lot. I found another group on ravelry (I effing love that site, can you tell?) that I've joined. Tonight is amigurumi night at work! I'm so excited to start!

What about you? Do you have any personal projects for the year?

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