My own corner of the web where I can show off the things I do with my nails.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

About my polishing technique

I'm a disaster applying polish. I get it all over my cuticles and fingers. And usually, I don't care. There are times, though, that this messy painting has caused me grief. My usual method for removing the extra polish is to take a shower and let the steam take care of the bits on my skin. I've recently come to the decision that perhaps I should be a little more careful initially when painting my nails. So, my goal is to gain some semblance of control over the brush. This means no more rushing. I'll keep you updated on how this goes.

My first matte nails

During a recent trip to Walgreens looking for a specific glitter nail polish I came across a matte nail polish in the Revlon display. They actually had a few but I chose a red called Fire Fox. Application was easy, and it dries very quickly. I used three coats. I am still on the fence, this polish was actually much prettier in the bottle than on the nail. It has a lovely glass fleck sparkle that didn't translate to the matte finish. With matte finishes the polish slowly turns more satin on the nail with wear due to oils from the skin, lotion, etc transferring to the polish. Removal was a little tricky, not sure if that was due to the glass fleck or the matte polish. Nothing like removing glitter though.

Once I get my camera plugged into my computer I will upload pictures of this manicure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first nail post

I've become obsessed with nail polish lately. I figured rather than torture all my Facebook friends with nail polish stuff I'd start my own blog. I'm sure it will be shaky and the pictures less than awesome-sauce at first.
Here goes: For about a year and half I've polished my nails every week on my Monday. It makes me happy to do this. Usually I do nothing more than a couple of coats of whatever color tickles my fancy. But then a few weeks ago my mom came home with some Sally Hansen nail polish strips and I was intrigued. I googled them and stumbled upon All Laquered Up. I read pages and pages of her blog that day. I had no idea there was so much out there. Since then I've devoured several other nail blogs and learned so much. I've also started trying different nail polishes and techniques.I'm enjoying myself and thought I'd share with everyone else.
While I don't plan on ever being a Nail of The Day (NOTD) person I probably will at least post my weekly manis and bi-weekly pedis, any new techniques I try and anything else that tickles my nail fancy. Perhaps I will also remove my polish from my night stand drawer and catalog them. We shall see. So, first post down. Stay tuned.