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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nabi Magnetic Red/Black

I saw this on Scrangie and had to have it. Her bottles have names but for the life of me I cannot find names on mine. This is a cool red that when magnetized gets black stripes. It's vampy, it's dark and it's cool. I have heard other lacquerheads say these magnets suck but I have no experience with any other magnets, sooooo. I had the China Glaze magnet in my hand at Ulta a couple weeks ago but ended up grabbing a NOPI instead, one of the Kim Kardashian ones to be exact. Oh, and I promise to get my ruffian up as soon as I do it (I'm scared!)

Also, the polish color for my wedding has been decided. Now I'm trying to decide whether to do a glitter accent nail or maybe a holo glitter gradient on top of it. I've pinned most of my mani ideas but here is another one.
Anywho, here's your pics!

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