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Friday, March 2, 2012

Nabi Magnetics

I found this at Walgreens when I was looking for Aquaphor for my tattoo and came across a rack of magnetic polish by Nabi. I literally squeed and the makeup counter girl looked at me like I was nuts. I have been looking at magnetic polishes for months but they were so expensive I never felt the need to actually buy one. But now they were right in my face and I could TOUCH THEM! I looked them over and decided on a teal blue and silver. It wasn't until later I noticed there are three different magnets. Fortunately my two have different magnets. There's a chevron I don't have and I haven't seen them at a Wags near my house. If you're not familiar with magnetic polish you paint your nail and while it's wet hold a magnet over the top to make a design in the polish. Pretty easy way to do nail art! I was pleased with the magnets and application of both polishes, although I've only worn the silver one as a full mani. It has pretty blue and pink micro glitter or sparkle in it. I spent a lot of time looking at my nails when I was wearing this. At 2/$5 they were a great deal. One thing I noted was these smelled differently than other polishes, probably because of whatever is in them to make them magnetic. Also, the mister was not thrilled with the idea, saying it didn't seem healthy that I had metal on my nails. I pointed out I usually use a base coat that contains formaldehyde, metal is not that big of a deal. I should also note I had a rough time with cleanup on these which is why there's paint all over my cuticles.

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