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Sunday, March 18, 2012

52 Week Challenge Week 12: Skittles mani

For my first skittles mani I picked some new colors that recently came out that I also just got. Usually I'm months behind on getting new collections but this time I'm not too far behind. I chose three colors from the OPI Holland collection and two from Sinful Colors Cast Away collection. The colors are: I Have a Herring Problem-thumb, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI ?-pointer, Olympia-middle, Pedal Faster Suzi-ring finger, Neptune-pinky. My middle and ring are the Sinful and the rest are OPI. After I painted these and wore them to work I was bugged that only one nail had a cream finish so I painted Essie Pure Pearlfection over Olympia. Then promptly proceeded to mess up the nail on my picture hand. Hence you get a picture of my right hand! The last two pictures are topped with the Essie.
This mani feels very spring and Easter-y to me. It's different and a nice way to knock out five untrieds at once! That makes 17 from the past week I still need to wear, and a whole box full in my polish drawer.

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