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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boy's pick: Milani Brisk Orange

Today I asked my man what color to paint my nails, his response was "metallic orange." Well, I happened to be at my parents house and my mom recently bought two orange shades of Milani on a Walgreens trip, so I snapped a cell phone pic of them and asked him to choose between Bijou Bronze and Brisk Orange. He, wisely, chose Brisk Orange. Now normally the boy doesn't care what I do to my nails, he's just not interested. In fact, the first time he saw my stash his reaction was "Holy cow miss." He had no idea the depth of my addiction. So, even though he chose the color I don't expect to get much reaction out of him. In fact, I probably will have changed this by the next time I see him.
Here were his choices

Milani Brisk Orange is from their High Speed Fast Dry line and says "one coat formula" on the bottle. Well, one coat is a lie. I needed three to get full opacity, but probably could've gotten away with two. I can't attest to the fast dry because I gingerly used my fingers until I could get a fast dry top coat on my nails.


The color is gorgeous! It's a beautiful orange with a gold glass fleck. The color is true orange, not red or yellow leaning. It dried with a smooth finish but it looks like it has bubbles. I can't decide if this is the glass fleck or if it's actually bubbles. Now, I'm not normally an orange girl (the color or the fruit) but this is nice. It's a great color for the recent cooler weather around here. It would look great with some black design for Halloween or some different colored leaves as a fall polish. I will probably stamp some leaves over this actually.

Cell phone without flash

Cell phone with flash

I swear I'm not a ghost, this picture is the most color accurate

The macro


As promised, the stamping of leaves
 REMOVAL EDIT: This polish chipped like a beeyotch! Within 24 hours I had chips on my right hand and less than 12 hours after that I had them on my left. Removal wasn't a problem because it all chipped off! So glad this isn't my polish, my mom can keep it!

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