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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sally Hansen CSM Golden Ticket

When I think about the name of this polish I always picture Gene Wilder eating the daffodil teacup in "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory." I loved that movie as a little girl and still do, although I'm surprised at how dark it is. A classic for sure. "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!" and the band Veruca Salt with their song Seether. Wow, I'm showing my age here!

Enough waxing nostalgic. Golden Ticket is a sweet gold micro glitter in a peachy rosy base with just a hint of red micro glitter. The overall effect is of rose gold or a shade or two brighter than a new penny. This is a super cool shade ad I'm glad I bought it, even though it's not my usual range of colors. Please excuse the chips, this was my third day of wear and I never seem to be able to wear anything for more than that, it always chips on the corners of my nails. I'm gonna blame it on all the crocheting I do but it also probably has to do with the peeling nail underneath. This was another purchase from eBay, which is one of my worst vices and favorite places to shop.
Look at all the pretty gold glitter!


Finally, a very sad day for me! I have been wearing a tea bag patch on my right thumb for 2 weeks and was just waiting for my UV light to come in so I could use a gel polish to fix the crack. It came in Wednesday but I had to work overtime Wednesday night so I didn't get a chance to fix my nail. I wore a bandaid over for 13 hours at work and somehow managed to break of the edge where my nail was cracked on my way home!!!! Waaaaaah! Check out the devastation! 

REMOVAL EDIT: This was easier to remove than larger glitters but I still went with the foil method. It didn't leave me with glitter in the cuticles or all over my fingers. I really am a huge fan of these Sally Hansen laquers. They're great!


  1. Hi there, I was just wondering what the 'foil method' for removal is. I normally use a tiny bit of cotton wool soaked in remover sitting on each nail, but keen to know easier ideas!

  2. Hi Nailstyle! First of all I love that you call it cotton wool, sounds so much more sophisticated than cotton ball! The foil method is basically what you do, but after putting the cotton on the nail you wrap the end of each finger in a small piece of foil to keep the cotton with remover/acetone on your fingers for 10 minutes or so. You can then move about as you let the remover do its work. It really made the difference for me with using glittery polishes, takes the hassle out of removal! Hope this helps!