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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Lagoon

First off, bubbles and brushstrokes? Really? Actually I don't mind brushstrokes but bubbles? C'mon!

So, application and drying issues aside I fracking love this color. Lagoon is another of my untrieds, and another eBay find. eBay FTW!!! It's a frosty teal, and in the bottle it looks duochrome. Sadly, it's not on as obvious the nail. The finish is a bit frosty, a bit metallic. Oh hell, I feel like I'm talking out my ass here. Just look at the pictures, you'll see.

I added an accent nail of some of my mom's new finds (she's recently decided she loves glitter polish and brought home four bottles the other day, three with holographic glitter. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family!) Anyway, my accent nail started with SH Xtreme Wear Disco Ball but the holo effect was not to my liking so I topped that with Wet 'n' Wild Kaleidoscope. When I mentioned to my mom that Lagoon bubbled she said "Put some glitter on it," which reminds me of the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding "put some Windex on it!" She's right, can't really go wrong with glitter.

One more thing: this color is remarkably similar to the blue in my tattoo. If the tattoo wasn't healing and peeling right now and looking like some sort of contagious skin disease I'd take a picture of the nails next to the new ink. I won't subject you to that nastiness right now though! Go ahead and thank me!

On to the lovely pictures!
I don't know how to flip this image! Argh!

Look at the prettiness!
Outside some sunlight

Indoors artificial light

Indoors, artificial light


Close up of the accent nail

Indoors with flash

Outdoors some sunlight

Removal: I was happy to remove this but ONLY because of the bubbles, removal was easy but left me with blue aka Smurf fingers. Nothing another swipe of acetone couldn't take care of though!

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  1. Aww this is really pretty. I had a polish like this when I was 12 and it's bringing back good memories :)