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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zoya Zuza and Wednesday and a failed Nabi magnetic gradient

Hello my friends!
Today I did my first sponge manicure using two Zoyas: Wednesday and Zuza. These are beautiful seafoam greens (blues?) that I chose because hubby loves seafoam nail polish. At least I think he does since that's what he always suggests. Wednesday is a cream and Zuza is a shimmer that is gorgeous! It has more than just silver shimmer in it, there are tiny little rainbow particles too. Love! I need to wear this as a full mani soon. As usual with Zoya I had no application issues.

However, I tried an accent nail of a magnetic gradient. I've seen a few tutorials on how to do it and it seemed easy enough. I used two Nabi magnetics, for some reason none of my Nabi's have color names on them. One is a dark gray shimmer and the other a light silver. The silver has a few rainbow particles in it as well. So, I applied my magnetics, waited for them to dry then reactivated them with a top coat and put the magnet over. It only worked on the dark gray :( THEN, I put on my usual quick dry top coat and everything turned rust colored! What the fudge? I have not had this happen before so I'm at a loss. It's the strangest thing.

Here is the darker Nabi so you get an idea of what the actual color is:

Any ideas about what happened?

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