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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have the blues

This is a mani from last week. I wore Sinful Colors Grecian Sun topped with OPI Can't You Sea? It was a nice combo, very pretty blue and sparkly. Grecian Sun is a sky blue cream, easy formula. Can't You Sea? is a sheer blue with pink, silver, ad blue shimmer. I don't think you could build this to opaqueness if you wanted. It's definitely meant to be a topper. I also did an accent nail of Orly Mermaid Tale. This is a lovely green glitter with some holo glitter mixed in. I wasn't able to make this opaque either, I gave up at four coats and a quarter inch of polish on my nails.

This is Grecian Sun by itself. I need to find a better spot to take pictures at my parents house, I swear I'm not jaundiced.

With the accent of Mermaids Tale and Can't You See topping the blue.

Bottle shot of Cant You Sea? You can see the shimmer here.

The brown spot on my pointer? Meatloaf. I painted everything, ate dinner then put top coat on. Apparently I didn't wash my hands as well as I thought. This is a more color accurate picture.

And finally, shade. I like all these colors but I'd definitely wear Mermaids Tale over something. And also avoid meatloaf.

I was going to post pictures of Sally Hansen Lava but I broke a nail the night I painted them, then another nail a couple days later. I dropped and broke the container of water for our humidifier and spilled a gallon of water all over the carpet in the process as well as losing a corner of my index finger. Pinky nail just snapped off one day. Such is my life. So, be prepared for some wonky nails for a few days. Till then!


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  1. I don't paint my nails, but I love reading your blog : )