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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Silver Lining

I have tons of untrieds. I decided that until I've worn them all I will try not to buy any new polish. (Caveat: if Zoya has a sale I will buy. Also if I find the Halloween Sally Hanson nail strips)

Today I bring you Silver Lining. This was something I came across on eBay while looking for Problem Child and Barracuda. For some reason I can't find the special collections in my area. Luckily I can usually find them for less than retail on eBay, including shipping.

This color is a lovely silver foil with blue flashes. Actually, I'm not sure if it's a foil or a microglitter, but it's purdy. When I went outside I seriously needed sunglasses this stuff is so reflective. I also had a very hard time capturing the blue flash in this polish. It's almost turquoise, very pretty and subtle. This is three coats and the visible nail line is much less obvious in person although still there. There was no dragging or bald spots until I used a top coat, which was an old Revlon with a funky smell and texture, almost oily.

One thing I will add, and it's not the fault of the polish per se, is that the clean up of the bit I got on my cuticles was a beeyotch! It didn't really clean up so much as just get spread thinner. You can see this in my pictures. With better technique this can be avoided.

I decided to add an accent finger the next day. I used OPI colors: I'm Not Really a Waitress, Need Sunglasses?, Who the Shrek Are You?, and Blue My Mind

Something I want to do that I don't see other bloggers do is comment on removal. I'll have to either edit posts or comment on the removal in the next post. What do you think I should do?

REMOVAL EDIT: Removal was not bad on this, it was a bit gritty. Interestingly though, I thought I'd been seeing flashes of purple in this polish but couldn't capture it and no one else saw it. However, on removal the purple flashes really showed through!



  1. So pretty! I love the dotting!

  2. Edit posts! That way it's all in one convenient spot. I imagine that'll be useful once you have hundreds of posts and people want to search for a specific polish/post and then won't have to go to more than one to get all the pertinent information. Love the idea of including removal info!

  3. Thanks Kari!

    Willow, I will definitely do that, thanks!