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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Julep Maven Box

I wanted to share with you all the contents of my Julep Maven box. Julep is a salon brand polish that now sends out monthly subscriotion boxes of polish and other hand related items. It's simple to join, you just go to, click on the Maven link at the top and take the quiz. OR, if you really love me, you can go to this link and I get $15 to spend at Julep. What a nice referral program! Anyway, let's get on to the picture spam of what I got!

This is the lovely bag it came in! What a cute ribbon. It also came with a personalized and hand-signed welcome letter. I thought that was a nice touch!

Here's what was in the bag. There's a full size GLycolic hand cream, a sample glycolic hand cream, and sample hand lotion, and three polishes. One is Cameron, a bright pink, there's Alfre, a greyish purple, and a strengtrehning treatment. These are all full size for Julep, which is .14 oz. This is about half the size of most regular polishes though.
Here is a really awful picture of the three polishes. Wow, I'm ashamed to even post this. At least my background is in focus.

Overall I'm please with my $9.99 I spent. I haven't tried the polishes yet so I can't say how they perform but I got at least $40 worth of product for that $10, not too shabby.


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